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Harmonica Lessons

at home

Want to Start Playing?

The harmonica is the ultimate pocket portable musical companion.  I can help you learn to make it sing.  With a harmonica in your pocket, and the knowhow of the instrument, you are always ready to jam with friends or anyone you meet, or to play and express yourself when you are alone.  Whether traveling the world, walking in the city, sitting around a campfire or hiking up a high mountain peak, that harmonica has always given me a little bit of magic to share when the moment is right. 


Please email me or use the contact form to get specific rate information.  Rates may vary depending on frequency, level, group or private lessons. 


  • Virtual Classes over Zoom

  • Private 30 minutes or 1 hour sessions 

  • Introduction courses

  • Group sessions

  • Advanced courses

  • Workshops

Music Room

Contact Me

San Francisco, CA email: 

Tel: (541) 217-8349

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