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Since I began my journey of learning music, I have enjoyed a fuller life experience from playing the harmonica and guitar. I have played with bands, with friends, with strangers and alone.  From high mountain peaks in the Trinity Alps to the streets of San Francisco I have had a little bit of magic to share.  Throughout my travels in Europe, South America and Africa the harmonica has allowed me to use music as a bridge to deeply connect with people across cultural and linguistic divides.

For the past 10 years, I have had the privilege of teaching children private music lessons at Children’s Day School in San Francisco.  Children have a special joy and excitement they bring to playing music and also a unique set of challenges for a music teacher at times.  I always strive to be creative and engaging in the songs, exercises and activities I use with children, as their attention spans and self motivation often need fresh inputs to keep them learning and having fun.


University of the Pacific - BA in International Relations with a Concentration in World Music


School of International Studies

Study Abroad Programs - in Mali and Brazil​. Performed with the Mande Afrobeat group Malikan.  Studio Nanou, a project to record underground music in Bamako.   

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Tel: (541) 217-8349

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