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Why Take Music Lessons?

A skilled teacher can make the challenging feat of learning an instrument into a fun and easeful journey.  A master music teacher is a guide who can offer you:


Foundational good habits that will set up for success on your instrument.

A large part of learning music is muscle memory.  If you train yourself in bad habits, then they will be in your way the rest of your life and will be harder to unlearn than if you were starting from scratch.  If you learn good habits that facilitate great playing from the beginning, it will only get easier for you to play more and more complex music.



I will be listening to your playing each lesson and will let you know what you are doing well and where you can improve.


Goal oriented structure

Working with you to determine where you want to go with your playing, I can assess where you are, what is within your reach, and what is helpful to be aiming for.


Social aspect, group lessons and casual low pressure zoom recitals.

When taking lessons from me, you will be connected to the larger community of students I teach.  If you are interested and there are other students that would be a good fit, I create group classes for students at similar learning levels.  I also host gatherings on zoom for my students to connect and share what they have been working on.  Learning with others makes the process even more fun and motivating.

Why Learn to play the Guitar?

Guitar is an incredible instrument because it is loved all over the world and across so many walks of life.  The soothing tone of the acoustic guitar whispers into the human heart almost universally.  The guitar techniques I perform and teach include American Blues, Rock, Jazz and Pop, as well as Cuban Salsa and Rhumba, Brazilian Bossa and Samba, Spanish Flamenco, West African, Congolese, South African and Classical music.

Why Learn to play the Harmonica?

The harmonica is the ultimate pocket portable musical companion.  I can help you learn to make it sing.  With a harmonica in your pocket, and the knowhow of the instrument, you are always ready to jam with friends or anyone you meet, or to play and express yourself when you are alone.  Whether traveling the world, walking in the city, sitting around a campfire or hiking up a high mountain peak, that harmonica has always given me a little bit of magic to share when the moment is right.

Why Learn to play the Ukulele?

The ukulele is such a special instrument and one of the most amazing and accessible instruments for beginning musicians. The simplicity of having just four strings allows people to learn very quickly how to play songs and express themselves.  The ukulele’s soft strings are also easier on your fingers than guitar strings.  This is the perfect instrument for children who may not yet have the focus for a more tedious instrument, or for someone of any age who wants to start playing and singing as soon as possible.

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