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Ukulele Lessons

at home

Professional Instruction -  1 on 1 Ukulele Time

The ukulele is such a special instrument and one of the most amazing and accessible instruments for beginning musicians. The simplicity of having just four strings allows people to learn very quickly how to play songs and express themselves.  The ukulele’s soft strings are also easier on your fingers than guitar strings.  This is the perfect instrument for children who may not yet have the focus for a more tedious instrument, or for someone of any age who wants to start playing and singing as soon as possible.


Please email me or use the contact form to get specific rate information.  Rates may vary depending on frequency, level, group or private lessons. 


  • Virtual Classes over Zoom

  • Private 30 minutes or 1 hour sessions 

  • Introduction courses

  • Group sessions

  • Advanced courses

  • Workshops

Image by Alexandra Tran

Contact Me

San Francisco, CA email: 

Tel: (541) 217-8349

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