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Our Students Love Us


Here's what our students are saying about our music lessons.

"I am a beginner and Nicco was very patient with getting me started. We worked through the basics and into some tunes very quickly. Nicco, despite his off-the-charts harmonica talents is very modest and moved at my plotting speed. He is intelligent, engaging, warm and open. As for his skill, see his video on YouTube. He is well versed in a wide range of musical instruments . Five stars."

Dakarai F. // Berkeley, CA

"Nicco is a wonderful human and a wonderful musician. His knowledge of different types/styles of music and instruments is impressive.

He's a great teacher when it comes to lessons and a professional when it comes to events.  

Some things that set Nicco apart from others are his patience and his genuine desire to meet each person's needs on their level. He's willing to take the time to figure out exactly what needs to be done.  

You'll be happy if you work with him, whether it be for an event or for lessons."

Sarah C. // Yelp Elite '2021 //San Francisco, CA

"My colleagues and I decided to try something new during the pandemic and signed up for online group-harmonica lessons with Nicco. It was a wonderful experience! Nicco is an amazing teacher; thoughtful, flexible, patient, creative (he really used zoom to its best, for example by recording rhythms during the lesson so that we could go back and practice them later). We had so much fun during our lessons! And we learned a ton; not just playing some blues rhythms - also about the history of the instrument and the history of blues, for example. Overall, I would recommend Nicco as a teacher to anyone!"

Antonia L. // San Francisco, CA

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