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Nicco Tyson's Harmonica, Guitar and Ukulele Lessons


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I teach one on one or group lessons tailored to help you find your own musical voice through playing the harmonica or guitar.  I work hard with my students to support them in their individual music aspirations and find songs and techniques that inspire them to keep playing and exploring.  Whether you have never played a note in your life or you are a developed instrumentalist looking to hone in on a specific style, I can help you on your journey.


The harmonica is the ultimate pocket portable musical companion.  I can help you learn to make it sing.

I also teach Guitar Lessons and specialize in guitar styles from Africa.  I am especially versed in the guitar styles of Mali, where I spent a year studying and performing music.  Contact me if you would like to learn the music of Ali Farka Toure, Habib Koite or Djelimady Tounkara.  I am well versed in perfoming and teaching folk, rock, pop, blues, flamenco and classical guitar styles as well.


For years I have enjoyed a fuller life experience from playing the harmonica and guitar. I have played with bands, with friends, with strangers and alone.  From high mountain peaks in the Trinity Alps to the streets of San Francisco I have had a little bit of magic to share.  Throughout my travels in Europe, South America and Africa the harmonica has allowed me to use music as a bridge over cultural and linguistic divides and deeply connect with people.

I have also greatly enjoyed my years as a music teacher.  I get to meet many different types of people (I have taught students from 5 years old all the way to 80 years old).  It is a great source of pride and delight for me to watch students grow from novices to musicians and learn to express themselves in new ways.

The Ukulele is special musical instrument because it is surprisingly simple to learn!  With less strings than the guitar and also softer strings than the guitar, the ukulele is a great entryway for aspiring musicians to start playing, singing and expressing themselves.  


I usually offer lessons at my studio in the Haight Ashbury but I am also available via SKYPE

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